BİOMİR Biogermx pH 5,5

Features: BİOMİR Biogermx provides rapid relief against a wide range of germs, which are the source of discomfort. When used regularly, it kills the bacteria, fungi and protozoa that can lead to feminine infection. BİOMİR Biogermx has proven to be effective against a wide spectrum of micro-organisms that cause vaginal infections.

Directions of Use: Empty a 5ml ampoule into the 50ml bottle or 2 ampoules into the 100ml bottle, then fill bottle with clean water. Slowly and gently insert the cannula into the vagina and pump the liquid into the vaginal area. It is highly effective after caesarean, abortion to prevent infection.

Ingredients: Concentrated solution of Povidone Iodine 10% pH 5.5

Form: Liquid

Presentation: 10 ampules x 5ml, 100 ml bottle

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