Steelex Calcium Effervescent Tablet

Features: STEELEX Calcium Effervescent Tablet (water-soluble tablet) contains 1500 mg calcium carbonate, 100 mg Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) equivalent to 600 mg calcium and 8.8 mg cholecalciferol equivalent to 880 IU vitamin D3. It is used in supporting of bone resorption disease (osteoporosis) treatment in some patients with proven calcium and vitamin D deficiency or high risk. Moreover, it can also be used against calcium and vitamin D deficiency often seen in the elderly.

Directions of Use: If you are not otherwise recommended by your doctor, use it as a tablet a day.

STEELEX Calcium Effervescent Tablet should be dissolved in a glass of drinking water at room temperature (approx. 200 ml) and should be drunk immediately.

DO NOT swallow it directly.

Form: Tablet

Presentation: 20 Tablets in glass or plastic bottle

Calcium Carbonate
1500 mg
Active Substance
Elemental Calcium
600 mg
Active Substance
Vitamin C
100 mg
Active Substance
Vitamin D3
880 IU
Active Substance
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